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Can I have my say on events and speakers within the forum?

We welcome member comments and suggestions on every aspect of forum management. If you believe that our members will benefit from a specific type of event, please let us know and we will be more than happy to discuss this with you.

If you do have any suggestions you may email us at info@cbforum.co.uk

Can I become a forum member even though I am located outside Caerphilly?

We welcome all companies to the Caerphilly Business Forum. If you are located outside Caerphilly you can join for the anual cost of £80.

How do I become a board member?

The Board is elected at each Annual General Meeting. Before the AGM, the Secretary sends out invitations to attend the meeting which includes a nomination form which you can use to put your name forward. The Board is always keen to involve members who want to help run the Forum, so if you want to help out in any capacity whatsoever, please contact info@cbforum.co.uk.

Which businesses are eligible for the Caerphilly Business Forum Awards?

The Awards are open to businesses of all sizes and in all sectors . You must have a base of operations within the County Borough of Caerphilly. Businesses which are part of a group based outside the County Borough or a branch or sub-office of a business based outside the County Borough are eligible.

In addition to the standard criteria used to assess all entrants, such businesses will also be assessed in the context of their local autonomy and the financial, managerial and other support they receive from their parent company.

The Awards will not necessarily be given to the businesses that have achieved the highest growth or greatest profit, although these will clearly be among the factors taken into account. We are also looking for achievement in many other areas of business.

Can I send a newsletter to the CBForum member database?

Exclusive Member Benefit

Our email marketing service is available to members and this effective marketing tool allows you to market your products and services to the Caerphilly Business Forum members and hundreds of local businesses.

E-shots can include news, offers and information from members and we will work with you to agree a date to send your e-shot.

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact info@cbforum.co.uk

The cost is £50 (plus VAT). 

Can I become an event speaker?

If you would like to become a speaker at one of our events, we are me more than happy to discuss this with you. Please contact: info@cbforum.co.uk for further details.

Forum News

‘Nations Favourite Hero’ Simon Weston CBE to address Caerphilly Businesses


Successful Welsh businessman and Falklands’ war veteran, Simon Weston CBE, will visit Caerphilly on 9th May to give inspiration to an audience of businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Wales’ fastest growing company AerFin to showcase impressive growth at flagship business event


As part of Business Wales Growth Week, Wales’ fastest growing company AerFin will host a flagship business event to showcase its impressive growth. The aviation giant, based in Caerphilly, will provide guests with an exclusive tour of the facilities, first-hand tips from Sales and Marketing Director, James Bennett, as well as the opportunity to take part in a special Q&A.

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